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Polish Wraps

Welcome to the new and easiest way to get your nails done!

Based in Vancouver and women-owned, Polish Wraps create classic, timeless, and feminine designs for your nails that make you feel confident and beautiful. Whether it’s for everyday wear or those special moments that create some of life’s best memories, they're here for you! They design nail wraps that you can wear through any season while mixing in the new favourite and trendy polish designs! They're polish wraps are easy to apply and wear, chemical-free removal, versatile, affordable, vegan, and toxin-free!

Polish Wraps


Application Steps

Step 1 - Shape and Select

Shape your nails with the provided nail file and gently push back your cuticles with the cuticle stick. Clean your nails to remove any oils. Optional: Buff nail surface so the polish can adhere better. 

Step 2 - Peel

Remove the top clear plastic layer from the selected polish wrap. Then peel off the polish wrap from the silver bar. 

Tip: Avoid touching the sticky side of the nail wrap with your fingers. The natural oils from your fingers will weaken the adhesive.

Step 3 - Press

Place the polish wrap as close to the nail bed as possible without covering skin or cuticle. Press firmly to smoothly fit the polish wrap over your nail making sure to press down on the edges. Use the wooden cuticle stick to provided to smooth over any bubbles. Do not tug or pull on the nail wrap. Repeat 1-3 on all fingers before moving on to the next step. This provides time for the polish wrap to fully adhere before filing. 

Step 4 - File & Finish

Fold the excess nail wrap over the end of your nail and gently file off the excess. File starting from the middle of the nail in a downward motion only. The excess wrap should easily break off for a perfect fit! It is recommend finishing off with a high-quality polish or gel top coat (do not use quick dry) to protect your nail wraps and keep them shinier longer!

How To Remove

Step 1 - Soak

Soak nails in warm water for 8 minutes to loosen the adhesive.

Step 2 - Peel

Gently peel off the polish wraps for a chemical free removal. After removal, wash your hands and apply cuticle oil. You're now all ready for your next set!

Tips & Tricks

1. If you have short natural nails, cut your nail wraps in half and use them again for a different set!

2. Mix and match your nail wraps to bring out your own unique design. 

3. Use isopropyl alcohol to clean your nails to make sure you strip them of any oils that can affect with the polish wrap adhesive.

4. When choosing your nail wrap, choose a size slightly smaller than your natural nail. If the nail wrap size is too big it will overlap on to your cuticle and not adhere properly. 

5. Applying a base coat on your natural nails will help the nail wrap stay on longer.

6. File downwards and in one direction only, for the best removal of any excess nail wrap. Try not to angle your file as you might mistakingly take off more than you would like!

7. Applying a gel top coat instead of a regular top coat will help your polish wraps stay on much longer! Remember when applying the top coat to cap the tip of your nails to make sure you seal it in. 

8. Avoid getting your polish wraps wet for 3 hours after application to make sure the nail wraps fully adhere to your natural nail. They recommend applying your polish wraps after getting out of the shower.

9. Show off your beautiful nails for the world to see!

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